Our Company

OceanCapital FWI activities and network span all countries across the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe, but also North America and the Middle East. Our business is to provide comprehensive financial solutions in line with the resources offered by operations out of the sole European Union territories in the region.

Providing services in line with internationally recognized finance methodologies, OceanCapital FWI is the first financial firm capable of crystallizing the opportunities of economic exchanges between the French/EU territories and the different markets of Latin America & the Caribbean.

Our fields of expertise are: 

  • Corporate Finance Advisory:  Financial and strategic services, including M&A, debt advisory, structured products, spin-offs and other corporate finance transactions.
  • Private Equity: We assist implementation of Private Equity deals in a wide range of industries. We intervene at all steps of the deals’ processes to guarantee that our clients are well positioned to capture growth via tailor made strategies, structuring, risk monitoring systems, and bottom-up due diligence.
  • Real Estate Strategies: We offer real estate investment services based on value identification techniques and risk adjusted returns. Our areas of expertise include the hospitality & offices markets, and upscale residential in the Caribbean. We assist our clients with asset acquisitions & sales, development projects, debt financing or equity investments.
  • Capital Raising: We capitalise on the resources offered by our international network to source capital to support projects and companies in the region.
  • Restructuring: We work alongside entrepreneurs to restructure companies and projects via strategic review and ad-hoc financial solutions.
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