Overview & Principles

Financial Innovation,Openness and Growth

OceanCapital FWI is the first French West Indies based investment advisory firm designed to support and assist cross border investments across Latin America, the Caribbean territories and the French West Indies.

As a corporate finance specialist, the firm’s objective is to provide proxies and solutions to its clients to facilitate and implement international investments in and out of the French West Indies.

Working with French and European institutions as well as regional partners in the Caribbean, our objective is to offer investors the appropriate multi-jurisdiction services and focus to generate a return on their capital.

A unique & innovative concept in the regional financial markets, OceanCapital FWI integrates the resources of the French territories of the Caribbean into the broader regional network, and thus supports international investment schemes. As an advisor and asset manager, OceanCapital FWI assists its clients throughout transaction processes and ensures complete transparency, trust and security of invested funds.

A partner of local authorities and French state in Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin & French Guyana, OceanCapital FWI works alongside policy makers and state representatives to facilitate and support international economic exchanges in the Caribbean / Latin America area.

Our culture is based on principles that particularly value:

- Cross border exchanges

- Integrity

- Client driven professionalism


- Excellence

For the benefit of our clients, we operate with prudence, financial discipline, and a mindset directed at understanding, monitoring and controlling risks and value creation drivers.

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